Travel the world! Jordan Hotel owners benefit from affiliations with Boyne Vacation Club, Interval International and RCI.

If you’re a Grand Summit property owner, you’re well aware that ownership has its advantages. But if you participate in rental management, the list of advantages is even longer. At Sunday River, all rental management participants are eligible for membership in the Boyne Vacation Club — an innovative vacation exchange plan that gives you access to more than 2,200 resorts in 75 countries around the globe.

Boyne Vacation Club Program Details

The Point System

Each Boyne Resorts and Interval International resort unit type has been assigned a corresponding weekly and nightly point value. Point values are assigned based on factors such as unit size, location, season, demand and value. These point values indicate the amount of points received when donating and the amount of points needed to reserve a particular unit type. Boyne Vacation Club maximizes flexibility to its members through Interval International’s worldwide resort network, far beyond the boundaries of the Boyne Resorts collection. There is no end to the exciting travel opportunities. Expand your possibilities. Members may use their points in three ways based on availability:

  • Reserve accommodations within the Club at a Boyne Resorts property for a week or a one-night stay.
  • Exchange points for accommodations of seven consecutive nights at any Interval International affiliated resort. Once an Interval destination and desired vacation weeks are selected, call 800.828.8200 to place an exchange request.
  • Deposit unused points with Interval International for future exchange requests of seven-night stays at Interval resorts.

Membership Catered to You

Membership types are designed with you in mind. Each based on property ownership and travel desires. Each with its own distinct usage features. Travel where you want, when you want. A club representative can provide all the details and help you select the membership type that’s best for you.

  • Membership A – Boyne Vacation Club and Interval International points are acquired by trading two peak/high and two shoulder weeks. This membership type is FREE.
  • Membership B – Boyne Vacation Club and Interval International points are acquired by trading one peak/high and one shoulder week. A $199/year fee is assessed for whole and quarter owners.

The Extras of Membership

Savor the perks and pleasures of membership in a club that will change your life and expand your horizons.

Interval International Benefits

All Boyne Vacation Club members are automatically Interval Gold members with several upgraded benefits.

  • $25 off the already low members-only price of Interval Getaways and specials. Getaways and specials through Interval do not require the use of points.
  • 20% discount at over 20,000 restaurants across the U.S. and Canada.
  • Ongoing discounts of 20% at thousands of retail and service merchants throughout the U.S. and Canada.
  • Downloadable “Buy One, Get One Free” or “Up to 50% Off” coupon deals at over 75,000 restaurants, leisure events, shopping locations and more.

Gold Concierge

It’s like having a personal assistant, only better! Take advantage of five-star service wherever you travel. A $350 membership value. 

Interval Options

Trade resort weeks toward cruise, golf and spa vacations.

  • Cruise to popular destinations such as the Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico and Alaska on top cruise lines including Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Princess, Celebrity, Disney and more.
  • Golf at some of the top golf resorts worldwide.
  • Relax at international spas, representing every taste, interest and budget.

Hertz #1 Gold Club Complimentary Membership

A $50 per-year value, the Hertz #1 Club Gold membership affords fast, easy pick-up of rental cars with no lines and no waiting at more than 40 of the world’s busiest airports.

Luxury Property Exchange Opportunities

Interval International has over 2,200 resorts located throughout the world. Members receive an annual directory, seasonal magazine and online access ( to select destinations at luxury properties nationwide including Disney Vacation Club, Marriott Vacation Club, Four Seasons Resort Club, Doral Owners Club and Hyatt Vacation Club.

Our Members Are Traveling the World

Vacationing at their home resorts, at other Boyne Vacation Club resorts and throughout the Interval International network, members are traveling the world. Join them. Contact Sunday River Owner Services for more information about joining Boyne Vacation Club.

“The Boyne Vacation Club has allowed us to leverage our real estate investment and provided us with multiple 5-star family vacations each year. It’s really easy to find the perfect vacation with so many choices, and it’s a cinch to book!” – VALENTE FAMILY, MEMBERS SINCE 2005

“When Boyne introduced fractional ownership…it was a perfect fit for our needs. The Boyne Vacation Club has made it very easy to vacation at other Boyne properties in Michigan and also out-of-state with Interval International…The possibilities are limitless because of Interval International, and we are vacationing in locations and accommodations well beyond our expectations.” – MCNALLY FAMILY, MEMBERS SINCE 2005

“We have thoroughly enjoyed the many choices Boyne Vacation Club offers. Scheduling our trips has been easy. With one phone call, we were on our way!…Boyne Vacation Club has taken us to Disney World, skiing in Big Sky, and living history at Colonial Williamsburg. The
accommodations have consistently exceeded our expectations.” – KURN FAMILY, MEMBERS SINCE 2002