Who’s Hungry?

We’re really looking forward to all the food options that will be available to Sunday River Guests this 2022/2023 season.

Starting this weekend, December 16th we will have breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

How can you resist Italian in the heart of the mountain? We have been longing for homemade Italian Cuisine from our chef Chad Davidowicz. Ready to peak at the menu or make a reservation? Use the button below!

New this season, breakfast at Sliders.7 days a week starting next week.

The Outpost

Your one stop shop for all things food truck. We have 4 to choose from this year! Waffle Cabin, Tipp’s Cafe, Sunday River’s Smash Burger and Sea Dog brewing for a beverage to wash it down with!

Coming SOON

Taco Escbarr is expanding out of Portland, ME and into the heart of the mountain. This fun and upbeat company, paired with its delicious food inspired by Mexican cuisine is going to be a very exciting addition to the Jordan Hotel this winter. Located in GRAND AVE open for lunch and dinner.

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