It’s a beautiful thing when years of planning and work all come together, and the bull wheel begins to spin. We’re so proud of all the teams involved in making this incredible machine come to life. We are extremely excited to announce that the Grand Opening of the Jordan 8 will take place at 9 AM on Monday, December 26. Top-to-bottom skiing will take place on Lollapalooza, Rogue Angel, and Excalibur, with Kansas providing a connection back to the main resort.

We have a wonderful celebration planned at 9 AM before the first chair flies at 9:30 AM that you certainly won’t want to miss. In addition to the traditional ceremony that accompanies all new Doppelmayr lifts, we will also be having a last-minute, in-person opportunity to win a seat on the very first chair. Details will be announced during the ceremony, so make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to win this memorable experience.

Logistics to keep in mind:

Parking at the Jordan Hotel is limited, and parking on the side of the roadway is not permitted. Please keep this in mind, and make appropriate plans for parking at South Ridge, Barker, or White Cap parking lots. The delayed opening was chosen to allow time to traverse the mountain to Jordan.

The Jordan Mountain Double into Aurora Basin will be spinning from 8 AM-9 AM to facilitate ski-out access from the Jordan Bowl. No lift access will be available from 9 AM-9:30 AM. For access, Cyclone, State Fair, and Firestar will all be open, providing two different routes into the Jordan Bowl.

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